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Suncheon Cultural Park, Suncheon, Corée



Organisateur : DACC, Ville de Suncheon
Etat : Non-retenu



Our project creates a new inhabited open space in the centre of Suncheon, dedicated to cultural activities: the cultural park. The modern city must integrate culture in its different dimensions (art, leisure, collective life), and gives it to all, from daily users to tourists. Cultural activities represent both a slow temporality of mind opening in an accelerating urban condition and a condensation of creative energies constantly renewing. The project deals with this tension between personal contemplation and collective animation without solving it entirely.
Suncheon is known for its links to nature, for its surrounding open spaces, and for the expanding cultural activities. Our project merges those dimensions to create a new cultural park featuring the Arts and Culture House and the new Yeonja-Ru, open to the old city and assuming a metropolitan scale. Suncheon is a dense city surrounded and crossed by qualitative open spaces: forest hills and mountains, rivers (Dongcheon, Ok-Cheon). The project connects with this natural network, by creating a new open space which lighten the dense centre. We also rely on the dynamic created by the garden expo and on the cultural and creative activities that already liven the old city. This create a catalyst for all these activities, both through the program and the form.
The cultural park blends the different cultural dimensions of Suncheon: history local creation, contemporary art, handicraft. It creates a new cultural centre, but also a place to meet and to collaborate, and is part of the city scale as well as the region and the country. This metropolitan nexus is also a public space for the neighbourhood and the old city.The cultural park is inhabited by different spaces and activities, and by three objects that interact in their form and program: the Arts and Culture House, the new Yeonja-Ru and the Canopy.
The project works as an initiator for the transformation of the old city area, by giving an innovative image and bringing new local and metropolitan uses. It relies on the notoriety acquired by Suncheon in terms of innovation, creativity and environmental quality.