22 rue Adolphe Thiers, 13001, Marseille
13 rue du Capitaine Madon, 75018, Paris

Lighthouse Sea Hotel, Syracuse


Concours, Architecture

Organisateur : YAC
Statut : Non-retenu



The project exploits the complexity and the paradoxes of the seaside, through its relationship with its sensitive environment, thus it becomes a specific and attractive address for Sicily.
The Capo Murro di Porco site responds to a strong specificity in the requalification of coastal buildings.
The project aims to decline the concept of transformation and requalification in the specific case of
Capo Murro di Porco. Some elements impose a critical consideration: the preservation of the natural park, the robustness of the environment, the presence of the lighthouse as the picturesque imagery’s star, the urban and geographic isolation of the place. These issues define the site as something extraordinary, independent, and complete. Looking for a subtle harmony, the project explores a simple, clear, fragile, and social vocabulary. The lighthouse offers the condition of an island quality that invites to a simple way of experimenting the architecture. In this perspective, the duty of architecture is to be friendly to this delicate environment where it settles down, taking particularly account of the specific plant and mineral landscape of the Plemmirio’s coast.
The program is designed for wide sharing: a public space intersected with specific activities for an annual, seasonal, but also occasional use. The transformation begins by taking the place back, accompanied by the enhancement of the environment through clear traces of past, present and future.